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If you use Facebook, for instance, and your password can be guessed, then a whole load of information can be harvested about you. Have you paid a Windows tech support scammer to “remove” a “virus”?

Call your credit card company right away, tell them you have been scammed, and they should cancel the transaction.

We suggest that in addition to hanging up and reporting the callers that you also consider abandoning your landline, if practical. Christian Cawley is a Deputy Editor at Make Use Of, covering security, Linux, DIY and programming.

Should mobile numbers then be targeted, whitelisting and blacklisting call management apps can be used to block them, Have you fallen victim to the Windows tech support scam? He has extensive experience in IT desktop and software support.

and unsubstantiated reports of violence and doxing against victims who called them out, and you see that it really isn’t worth stringing the scammers along.