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“The fact that he is incarcerated gives me peace of mind, but I worry about his own safety.” It was about a.m. 5, 2007, when Lee was met by cops at a Buffalo Wild Wings near Abilene where she worked as a waitress.

“[The police] told me that my daughter had been hurt,” she recalls in the film.

Psychiatrists whom she hired when Paris was 15 agreed that, had he been 18 and old enough ​to qualify ​for the label, they would have diagnosed him as having anti-social personality disorder​ (sociopath​y​)​.​ He confessed to having had homicidal thoughts since the age of 8, often expressing them through violent and disturbing drawings.​ Since becoming an adult, Paris has refused further psychological evaluations.

In a jailhouse interview behind glass in “The Family I Had,” he tells directors Carlye Rubin and Katie Green: “I chose to do my crime and I take full responsibility for my crime.

“I sometimes have to say to myself [during visits]: ‘Okay, Charity, take a breath, you know how Paris is wired,’ ” she says.

“But I am not going to be that parent who abandons their kid.” In 2012, the single stay-at-home mom became pregnant with a third child, Phoenix, now 4. The pair now lives in Savannah, Ga., and Lee goes to see Paris in the Lone Star State for four-hour stretches as often as she can.

She is grateful that prison rules ban him from having visitors under age 17.