Windows plesk awstats not updating

If this parameter is not used, then        statistics is recalculated beginning on the month on which log files        start (if log starts in the middle of the month, then statistics        for first half of the month will not be present.)    -h    --help        This message.

Windows plesk awstats not updating

Listed below are the points to check if this problem exists in AWstats. Move to Metrics AWstats HOW TO UPDATE AWStats MANUALLY? The directive “Allow To Update Stats From Browser” has to be set to 1.

AWstats Location: By following the below steps you can access and analyze the location from the c Panel: 1. AWStats can be updated manually using c Panel and also from the command line. The free powerful graphic tool AWStats generate web techniques, stream flow, file transfer protocol or email server statistics. This works as a CGI or from the command line and shows all the possible information that is contains in the log.

It's currently updating at 3.36am daily, & I'd like to set it to hourly.

Can't find anything in the root or psaadm crontabs & not sure where else to look.

In some condition where the AWstats is not updating mechanically then don't be panic. Execute the following command: For a particular c Panel account there are conf files for the domain.