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The atmosphere that existed during Archean time would be toxic to most extant life on our planet.

Also, rocks were just beginning to form at the crust of the earth.

A protein's shape determines its function, which, in turn, depends on its water-hating (hydrophobic) properties - to work proteins must be immersed in a miniature sea within the cell that does not greatly differ from the sea from whence it came.

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Science is unaware that life existed during the Hadean time, but the prerequisite ingredients for life to emerge were in production.

If life did arise during the Hadean, it did so in a truly hellish environment.

However, an alternate hypothesis postulates that eukaryotes may have appeared in late Archaean time.

Ancient shales of northwest Australia dated with uranium and lead to 2700 mya contain microscopic traces of oil containing sterols.

The sea was the mother of all life beginning some 3.8 billion years ago, and remains so today.