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Would you ask of your POT to send the money before you meet for the date on whilst you’re on?

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We basicly meet once a week and I really do massage his leg.

I have done almost all he has asked so why Im I not getting an bigger gift that the panties. Good tips & basics for the beginning sugar baby’s like myself.

If so, it’s not totally uncommon for sugar babies to ask for elective surgery – or even non-sugar babies.

There’s even a site for men to donate to women who want breast implants. get a traditional sugar daddy and then ask for the BBL as a gift.

You sound like a giver and that’s awesome – it’ll serve you well in the sugar world. It has been extremely helpful and I am taking notes to the T. It would have taken me months of trial and error to figure this valuable insights out. I want to know if you have any tips on how to make my profile stand out? Also I am really shy and I’m surprised I’m writing this now but I do want to find someone I can spend time with and have spoil me. However, we never talked about money or the status of our relationship.