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Mark scholar Ted Weeden (2001) summarizes the reasons why Judas' betrayal should be considered fiction in a short essay posted to the discussion group Kata Markon.(1) Paul, whose letters predate the Gospel of Mark in most dating schemes, does not appear to have known of Judas' betrayal.

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Further, when Paul discusses the the resurrection appearances to various early Christian leaders in 1 Cor.

15, Paul cites "Peter and then to the Twelve"--- not "Peter and then to the eleven." Weeden argues that Paul's citation, which must date before the 50's, suggests that the Twelve are a coherent and faithful body of original disciples whose original integrity is in tact.

And he sought an opportunity to betray him.: "Judas." Judas occurs but three times in the Gospel of Mark, in once in Mark 3 and twice in Mark 14.

Some exegetes, such as Helms, see this as a creation from Zech 11, but while Matthew's Judas is clearly partly related to that passage, the link is more tenuous in Mark.

1 Cor , where Paul is often held to have said Jesus was "betrayed" in reality says only that he was "handed over or delivered up" ().