Who is fantasia baby daddy dating

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I have to humble myself and show true humility, put pride aside when realizing how blessed I am after all these years to still have an unbreakable bond.

I wish my Dad was here to witness my life evolution.#Gods Graceand Mercy #Cook Boys #thank YOUJesus Fellas if you have a good one like @sloanewhite [email protected] #Put That Woman First #After God But First I know I should be applauding the fact that another black marriage weathered the storm.

But honestly, after watching this, my first thought was a pursed lip and side eye.

Where was all of this when you were galavanting about the country, impregnating another woman?! And then did anyone else notice that the slideshow features Fantasia’s cousin, Jo Jo (of Jodeci) and she and Antwaun’s son Dallas?

Update: Apparently Dallas will be spending the holidays with his mom…