Vodofone 845 updating to android 2 2

Details on a new, ultra-compact Android 2.1 smartphone have emerged, the Vodafone 845.

As the name suggests, the handset is apparently headed to European carrier Vodafone, but going by the:unwired’s anonymous tipster it’s actually the handiwork of Huawei and is known elsewhere as the Joy.

It's the same weight as the HTC HD Mini, while being 10g lighter than the X10 Mini.

It's not exactly the slimmest at 14.2mm, with the HTC Desire at just 11.9mm, but we're not going to sit here quibbling about 2.3mm on a handset packing this much into a tiny body.

The touchscreen itself is resistive rather than capacitive, and it does it's best to resist your commands a large part of the time. In the box The handset is accompanied by a micro-USB charging cable and AC plug adaptor as well as a pair of headphones, which double up as a hands-free kit.