Violin saddle style dating

Dimensions of back plate 34 mm long x 17 mm wide, the string post is 27 mm long, 6 mm diameter, no screws or ferrules supplied, set of six Six in line plain white plastic buttons with rectangular back plate Ideal for rebuilds, projects, restorations of Watkins and other, older vintage electric guitars.

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When we say modify the bridge, this means removing wood. While there are some cases where the saddle portion may be too tall, most of the time we do not want to thin the saddle and weaken it.

To make matters worse, many mandolins come from the factory with thin saddles to begin with. Once we have the necessary adjustment range, we want to check the posts.

More often than not, we need to modify the bridge to be able to lower it enough to get low action.

Additionally, we want a little extra adjustment range should the player prefer it lower than average, or to allow for changes in the mandolin that may occur over time.

We can manufacture other scratch plates/pickguards on request providing an accurate pattern is provided.