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If violence was called for, it was applied reluctantly. In such cases often ended in ambiguity, requiring the ideas and issues to be pondered by viewers.

As the series progressed into its last seasons, it became highly self-conscious of its own history.

PASSAGE: The freezing "bomb cyclone" (Video)The meteorological term for the East's misery this past week -- "Bombogenesis" -- brought ice-cold weather, fiercely-blowing snow and misery to air travelers from Georgia to Maine. Martha Teichner visits the Barbour factory in Northern England and their "museum" of classic rainwear.

Innovative within traditional trappings, it testified to the breadth and resilience of the Western genre and to television's ability to interweave character, idea and action into narratives that could attract and compel audiences for decades. Roger Ewing Newly O'Brien (1967-l975).............................

-Horace Newcomb CAST Marshal Matt Dillon...................................

This exceptionally successful program is often referred to as the medium's first "adult Western." The term is used to indicate differences between the Hollywood "B" Westerns and versions of the genre designed for the small screen in the 1950s and 1960s.

Without recourse to panoramic vistas, thundering herds of cattle, and massed charges by "Indians" or the United States Cavalry, the television Western often concentrated on character relationships and tense psychological drama. Set in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1890s, the series focused on the character of United States Marshall, Matt Dillon, played by James Arness.

Nearly 1,700 have committed suicide from the bridge since its opening in 1938. among towering sequoias many hundreds of years old.