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But it wasn't until Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, asked for tea and light refreshments in her room one afternoon, around 1830, that the ritual began.The Duchess enjoyed her 'taking of tea' so much that she started inviting her friends to join her.Angel food cakes use their own special pan which Greg Patent in "Baking in America" states was also invented in the late 1800s....a mainly North American term used to describe a light and moist baked good that is "quick" to make.

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Before long having elegant tea parties was very fashionable.

Demand for tea wares grew and soon there were tea services in silver and fine bone china, trays, cake stands, servers, tea caddies, tea strainers, teapots, and tea tables..... Amaretti is the Italian name for macaroons, which means little bitter things.

Waverley Root in "Eating in America A History" tells how in Mrs. Chadwick's 1853 "Home Cookery" she calls for 32 egg yolks for just one cake. Horace Mann's "Christianity in the Kitchen" (1861) as calling for 20 eggs in one cake that had to be beaten for about three hours.

It is a good thing that at about the same time the angel food cake was invented the rotary egg beater came along which eliminated the long and laborious hand beating of batters.

Leavened using a chemical leavening agent (baking powder/soda not Originally a German yeast cake that is also known as Bee Sting.