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Transfer photos between your Android device and your computer as well as other Android devices or i Pad, i Phone or i Pod touch using your Wi-Fi network.

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Once authenticated, the i Tunes play bar will note that an app is downloading and show a progress bar, indicating that the remote app install has started as well.

The screenshot example below uses the currently trendy Splashy Fish game to demonstrate this: Meanwhile, on the i OS device (an i Phone shown in example screen shot), that very same Splashy Fish game is downloading as well.

Grab the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch and enable Automatic App Downloads: need to enable the Automatic Updates feature for this to work.

Because Automatic Updates can significantly drain battery by running and updating your apps on it’s own, it’s often a good idea to keep that turned off and selectively manage your own app updating, particularly for users with many apps installed.

But with i OS 9.3 — the update also released yesterday — that flaw is fixed.