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What happens when a client that supports Adaptive 11r connects?The RSN IE shows that the AKM chosen was FT using PSK, which is not advertised in the beacons! You can also see the magic happen if you run "debug client" and "debug ft events enable" while an Adaptive 11r clients connects.

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To summarize what we know so far, beacons and probe responses from an Adaptive 11r WLAN will contain a RSN IE with only non-FT elements, but will also include a Mobility Domain IE.

This is paradoxically saying that the WLAN does not support FT and supports FT at the same time. First, let's see an association request from a client that doesn't support Adaptive 11r (a Motorola Android phone).

Below is the output of debug commands while my i Pad connected. f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx Processing RSN IE type 48, length 20 for mobile f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx Selected Unicast cipher CCMP128 for client device f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx RSN Capabilities: 12 f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx Marking Mobile as non-11w Capable f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx Validating FT AKM's on WLAN f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx Sending assoc-resp with status 0 station:f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx AP:xx:xx:xx:df:a-01 on ap Vap Id 1 f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx VHT Operation IE: width 20/0 ch 165 freq0 0 freq1 0 msc0 0x3f msc1 0x3f f4:5c:89:xx:xx:xx The most interesting part of the output is "Setting adaptive AKM 4 into RSN Data at 19".