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Ubuntu (apt), Cent OS, Fedora and Red Hat (rpm/YUM) Linux server administration and desktop systems adminstration are covered in this tutorial.

The material on this page was prepared using a PC running Jessie 8.5 that was set up using our Installation and Packages pages.

If you installed Docker using the convenience script, you should upgrade Docker using your package manager directly.

updating debian linux-72

(We show you how to properly update and upgrade packages on the Security page.) We have to comment out this default statement to temporarily disable the use of the Internet server. Exit the text editor and save the changes by pressing Ctrl-X, y, and then Enter.

Now let's sync our package library database with updated sources file with the command: apt and dpkg are useful if you have some idea of what you're looking for.

For example, apt has a search utility where you can search for software by its given name such as 'apache' or you can search for all available packages containing software offering specific functionality such as 'sniffer', 'dns', etc.

Because Debian comes with so many packages, it's often a good idea to just browse through all of the available packages to see what software you can install and play around with.

It may also remove other packages that could cause conflicts.