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But the code that would be necessary in such an Event helps to illustrate the variance between what the app is doing and the model on which the tools it is using is based.Basically, all the code that is needed to send changes back to the database is My Table ADapter.

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if a new member register automaticaly a 400pesos will be added at the fee textbox and also the total will be updated. Borrowing of books is free as long us it was returned on or before due date (3days).

In the Fee/Fine button it display a record of fine = textbox, fee = another textbox and total = another textbox also. and 400 Pesos only reduced when due date exceeded (10 Pesos one day); or, if not reduced at all, is each book has a price to pay everytime member borrow it? If they borrow a book they have to use their cards. If a member already borrowed 3 books then it means he already uses 3 cards so he can't borrow anymore unless he return the book.

i think it can't do like that, it's about book's rental, so you have to provides a table first in your application to handle member list, based on that table, you can pass its member_id to the next table (table rental) and choose what book are they borrow. I have 3 tables in ms access 1 is for book records 2nd is for members and 3rd is for fees and fine.

try catch block is to handle any error for your app, if you got some error, it will throw the reason of error, so you will easy to find the problem and fix it and it will avoid from application crash. Scenario: As the code I use above if I input the row ID I can get it's datas/infos to update the other table as stated in the code above but what if I enter an ID which is not existing in the rows of table how will I code an if else for that to display an errror that ther's no record found? i will give you some UI example, hope give you some idea.

Execute Non Query() Msg Box("Transaction Recorded.") txtmem_id.