Tripp lite snmpwebcard updating tool

Anything you do with equipment under you control using information found here or obtained from me at any time, is at your sole discretion and I won’t be held liable for any damages or problems arising these, or any other, instructions.Now that you know I won’t buy you a 9.00 SNMPWEBCARD if you break it: For those of you who, like myself at one time, wanted to update their Tripp Lite SNMPWEBCARD firmware but had no clue in which direction to go because of Tripp Lite’s awful documentation, hopefully this posting will shed some light on a few important items and help you get the most current firmware on your device.This reboots the card and the stream should then output to the putty console.

tripp lite snmpwebcard updating tool-25

I even updated the card to the latest firmware via the Poweralert software.

But everytime I try to go to the IP of the card via a browser I get a blank screen with this "Click here for help with applets".

Open a command prompt and browse to the firmware folder you unpacked.

Use FTP "IP Address" to open an ftp session with the web card, it will ask you to log in.

I am assuming that maybe it only works on an older version of Java.