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Opening in 1991 as a DJ club, The Bovine evolved into a live music venue about three years later when bands began asking to play.

Is it true that Bill Murray showed up one night and started pouring drinks? What makes The Bovine such an iconic part of Toronto’s music scene is its eclectic history.

Not only will this be the band’s triumphant return to the stage since their Juno nomination in April, it will also be the first Diemonds show with new bassist Tyrone Buccione. There’s a reason why Diemonds have saved these special moments for The Bovine’s 25th Anniversary.

Saturday is also the chosen date of the launch of the new Diemonds beer, “Never Wanna Die. “We have a lot in common with The Bovine,” says Dekay.

By Stephanie Horak via Stories Behind The 2016 marks The Bovine Sex Club’s 25th Anniversary and yet, for some Torontonians, The Bovine is still a mystery. “Then the emphasis of having all of the live music came when the bands started coming and saying, ‘We should play here.’ So in the first two or three years there was almost no live music.