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In October 2016, Brandy sought help at the Topeka Rescue Mission while PANT was able to place her four dogs at a local veterinary clinic until she was able to find a new home for her family. If you would like to have a PANT speaker for your organization, contact us at PANT is an independent, all-volunteer, 501(c) (3) organization (a non-profit) incorporated in the State of Kansas.

We operate under the umbrella of The Topeka Community Foundation for administrative purposes. Contact a PANT Volunteer: Imagine if you had to tell a child they can't keep their pet while their family endures hardship. At PANT, we provide the funds to board your pets while you seek help through our partners, Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries and Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging.

The Museum acquired the rig in 1984, and it was restored by Don Hale in 1985.

It has what is called a Braidwood body, named after the design of a London fire chief of the 1830s, who designed horse drawn manual engines that allowed the crew to ride to a fire atop the rigs hose bin.

Read More » PANT celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on Sunday, September 17th, 2017 with an all-you-can-eat breakfast and lunch buffet benefit at the Fairlawn Plaza Mall.