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The memory of her thick dildo and strong hand was still reverberating in my midsection.

I slowly dressed in the corset and hid the bunny ears.

They were all dressed in their own slutty uniforms.

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Next was a pair of ear plugs that were gently pushed into my ear, muffling the sounds of the van.

At last came the blindfold, which completed the garb.

I caught a glimpse of the seniors who were making a quick exit through the only door. I thought I dozed in and out of sleep a couple times, but after only half an hour, the door opened and in entered Laurie and Alex wearing the same attire I wore earlier, a hood and gag.

Cassie led the sluts and seated them, before removing the objects that eliminated their senses.

I recognized one by name and by the taste of her pussy, after cleaning it in the shower, Jen. “Hold still,” she said as she placed a ball gag in my mouth and turned my head around to fasten it.