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When date night comes around – all we have to do is open our box and we are set for the rest of the night! Traveling and discovering new locations is something he absolutely would love to do for a date night!

For this box, I included everything we would need for our own adventure together!

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Just grab your Date Night Box and enjoy an evening together!

After you’ve printed off our darling printables, check out our guide for great tips on what to include in your box!

I set mine right on top for my spouse to see as soon as he opened t!

Finally – tie up your box with some ribbon and add this large tag and place it for your spouse to find! When a great time for a date night arises, open your box and get ready for an amazing date night!

For my Date Night in a Box I included: Want to have a great date night with your spouse but don’t feel like going out? It is not only necessary, but it is fun and bonding!

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