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Please email (jason) or [email protected] if you have any questions/issues with these instructions. To commit changes upstream, patches still have to be committed into the svn repository.

However, there is a way to commit changes directly out of your local git repository: git-svn If you want a branch that lives in a subdirectory of branches, such as redhat/gcc-4_4-branch, things are a bit more complicated due to a bug/shortcoming in git svn: it thinks the redhat directory is a branch by itself, rather than a directory containing multiple branches. One way is to ignore the git mirror and use git svn fetch to fetch the branch from SVN directly: With the second option, a checkout has all the redhat branches in subdirectories, rather than being able to check out a single branch at toplevel.

You need to "svn update" first to get up to the HEAD of the trunk. Why did you check out revision 86 in the first place? Yes, it sounds like, after revision 86, in the release-1.2.0 branch, was deleted and then another file of the same name was added.

Also, after revision 86, in trunk, was modified, I think.

If you only want one, you can use the git 1.7 sparse checkout function to limit what gets checked out: Now only the files that match the patterns in .git/info/sparse-checkout will actually be present in the working tree.

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