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Allie is so thankful that God blessed her with such a loving and wonderful sister and she can’t wait to watch Kayla and Nick grow together as a married couple. Oh my goodness, JJ met Kayla back in elementary school and the best part was... JJ had stolen her best friend, but its funny how life works because she became JJ's best friend!

JJ has been through everything with Kayla from homecomings, to volleyball games, to horrible track meets, to every boy problem in the book.

Activist -teacher-consulor-and a driver , looking for a friend , a companion who likes to travel- love dogs- and is a funny , happy person with out a drinking problem and dosent smoke ;) im dreaming -is he out there?

Kayla, born in 1993 to Zac and Pam, was an energetic and athletic kiddo who grew up in Bothell, Washington. He was an inquisitive child with never ending positive energy which brought great joy to his home in Mukilteo, Washington.

Nick's favorite things about Kayla are; her selflessness, her passion to serve people, her sense of humor, and how hard of a worker she is. If you couldn’t already tell by the same last names, they’re sisters.