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Straight edge (sometimes abbreviated s Xe or signified by XXX or X) is a subculture of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs, in reaction to the excesses of punk subculture.

During this period, the straight edge scene birthed two major offshoots: the more conservative hardline In the early stages of straight edge, the philosophy was to rebel through self-control.

With the ability to control one’s actions would better suit them to stand up against the mainstream.

In the early to mid-1990s, straight edge spread from the United States to Northern Europe, The movement was influenced by the political and social climate of its origin, around the time of the "Just Say No” campaign and a rise in conservative viewpoints.

The discipline of the subculture came from a mix of leftist radicalism and conservative influences.

In addition the second wave experienced a change in music style.