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The Getting Started picture that you can see in new Rails apps was updated with a more diverse population. To simplify release management, Arel library hosted in rails/arel has been merged to Active Record, and is now located in rails/rails. All the presentations will be available on You Tube in about a month.

As always there were many more changes to the Rails codebase than we can cover here. For now, you can take a sneak peek by browsing the slide decks: from Rails 6 to Active Storage, from Migrations to Testing, from Upgrades to API, from Router to Contributing, from Graph QL to Performance, from Collaboration to Communication, from Kafka to Postgre SQL, from Warden to Authorization, from Economy to Art, from Bugs to Security, from Containers to Crypto, from Interviews to History, from Teams to Trust, from Shopify to Git Hub, from Engines to Crowdsourcing, from Mortality to Life, there was really something for everyone!

By asking the mutation tracker for the list of changed attributes, some work can be skipped when generating the changes hash.

This may be most noticeable for serialized attributes, for which calling can be significantly more expensive.

Active Storage now supports streaming downloads from Google Cloud Storage. The gem is shipped with Ruby, and automatically required when the Ruby process starts.