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On The Screen - The film falls into the category of "true crime documentary" as it depicts reenactments of the crime and includes Crump's recounting of events and his subsequent confession to police.

Live Music View - "One of the main goals of this concert series is to present and showcase the wonderful world of music within the Jazz umbrella and beyond," said Claes Brondal, series organizer.

In the Galleries - "Each of our art events is about helping you to explore not just the wondrously creative visions and talents of the artists, but something in you, in each of us, during the process of that discovery," said Ron Mellot.

In the Galleries - "I was thinking about loving these dead mediums, and it's a word that literally means 'medium' or one who is able to speak to the dead.

In the Galleries - "SAA promotes art in our community by encouraging local artists to share their work with art lovers, other artists and even those with a casual interest in art, which in turn challenges artists to improve and expand their work," explained Dave Johns.