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But the firm also risks accusations that it could seek to take advantage of its relationship with politicians to push its own agenda on issues such as internet regulation.

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The companies that take In-Q-Tel's money aren't shy about publicizing what they're up to, either.

Most recently, Geo Semble announced an update to its Geo Xray product, which monitors social media chatter based on location: The world's largest database on individuals One of the main threats to privacy comes from advertisers, who want to track everything consumers do on the web and scrape their online accounts for personal information.

In the US, it offered to second staff members to both Mr Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns, although the defeated Democrat candidate declined to accept this.

Before the UK general election in June, Facebook contacted more than 5,000 candidates and agents to offer them free training sessions.

The committee on standards in public life identified social media giants as ‘the most significant factor’ in harassment.