Shriya saran dating jesse metcalfe

We had the privilege of watching the trade screening last night in downtown Toronto and I suggest all movie buffs not to miss this cute, refreshing Hollywood/Bollywood movie. The first five minutes does not engage you the way most professional Bollywood films do, however until the end after is pretty entertaining.

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Needless to say, the inevitable plot complications ensue, including a case of mistaken identity and the pesky interventions of Granger's superhot casual girlfriend (Sara Foster).

It won't be any great revelation to say that it all works out in the end, especially if you've seen "An Officer and a Gentleman," the ending of which is freely borrowed.

While struggling to impress new hotelier client Kit Hawksin, Granger Woodruff of the ad agency Stimulus is told by Jennifer David of the City One Bank call center that his identity has been compromised and his credit card is being misused.

While tracing transactions, both become friendly and agree to meet in San Francisco at the Hawksin Hotel.

Shriya Saran is really reluctant to her private life and keep it in secret.