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After more laughs and flirting, we took what was left from the champagne bottle and went to the Jacuzzi room to continue the fun (or start the real fun, as I like to say).

I have to say that this is what I like about blackies, how they express their sexuality and desires.

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    After I finished, they said, "Can you also read for the role of the father? Bob's very capable of working clean, but he always was kind of R-rated and had this kind of aw-shucks-good-guy kind of repartee with the audience, and he would come up with these really shocking lines. Now I think that he's trying to distance himself from Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos and I think he's really almost gone too far. My feeling is we've got this huge audience out there around the world, why would you want to alienate all those people? GM: I guess he figures that the kids who watched it have now grown up so they would appreciate it more. I just think Bob's capable of being a lot more funny than the way he is on stage right now. Every radio interview and every media interview I do this subject comes up and they're like, "Well, what's your take on that? We're just starting to ramp everything up for our first round of funding.

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