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Some people have diesel hearts and others have hummingbird hearts. I have bad anxiety, so hearing that I could die from this is really freaking me out Can't you speak to your doctor/ask your parents to arrange to see your doctor?

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If you are concerned and it's bothering you, it wouldn't hurt to do some simple tests at your doctor's to rule out something abnormal via an EKG or similar (stress test would be possibly helpful as well), but I really wouldn't be very worried about hr wrote: I know it’s normal for runners to have low heart rates, but how low is too low?

I’m just wondering if this is something I should be worried about That exercise HR is on the lower end of things, but nothing odd.

also, don't trust the data from a heart rate monitor on your garmin, especially if it's an optical HRM on the wrist. I'm in my forties and according to my Garmin my heartrate is sometimes as low as 37 (I only took up running a few months ago).

don't trust it for the high or the low HRs, unless you do an all-out short race (800m-5k) and it looks very reasonable, like going quickly up to a moderate HR then rising throughout and peaking a bit during your final kick. Speaking to a doctor won't really do the OP any good.

That's realistically what you need to fix hr wrote: My max HR according to my Garmin is about 201. Not that I think there's anything wrong, but if it's 'freaking you out'.