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Well I got in my truck and headed out one night after 11 pm and sure enough when I got there I went into the... I've had my best luck with the local farmboys weeknights between pm and 11 pm. I met a twenty-eight year old factory worker and took him back to my hotel room.

I stopped there last Friday evening because I thought I was sleepy. If you don't make it happen, it probably won't happen with them. This park has lots of guys looking for fun, sitting in their cars and possibly near the rest rooms. He was scared at first, but a soft massage got him worked up and we sucked and fucked for three hours ! Anyone decent looking ever on Vaughn drive anymore?

I've seen solo guys hanging out there at the shelter or in...

Haven't been there for about five years, but I used to suck a lot of cocks here.

I've had my ass up under the stall partition getting fucked bb by a well hung guy. I met a guy who took me to a crafts store restroom nearby, and we 69nd... Reported June 14, 2015 a man was complaining here that someone had taken his wallet and told one person he would kill him, then pulled out a gun. Last week I found a private spot off of the trail toward the dune...