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Assistant US attorney Jason Hitt added that Cummins had used 'his position of trust as a school teacher' to commit the alleged crime.

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The statement added that Cummins 'surrendered without incident and has been cooperative with investigators.'Whatley says that Elizabeth has been 'quiet' since being reunited with her family in Columbia, Tennessee.'She’s had moments of being carefree and fun, but she’s very, very fragile and that’s something the family is watching very carefully,' he said.

The cabin in California was the final stop on a cross-country, 39-day life on the run for Cummins and Elizabeth, which also saw them staying in Motel 8s and a nudist commune.

Their disappearance sparked a nationwide manhunt and Amber Alerts in several states before they were finally tracked down.

Cummins 'treated her like a child at times,' said the lawyer Whatley.

So Barry decided to be a Good Samaritan, and gave Cummins money, gas and directions to the commune.