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So i agree lets start making the world a better place. Anonymous No I don't hate that, it shows that men wants to be castrated by women. I know now I have to learn to castrate animals first before I will perform castration on men. Besides who would what to be a male in todays world?

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In my opinion I believe all men should be castrated at sometime in their life.

Between the gov"t and their mothers, wives, sisters this should become a law. I am one female who has had the opportunity to be part of a castration procedure, and I believe more women would agree if they were given the chance to assist in one.

So i agree with you Sue, although i dont think we're close to celebrating 'Castration Day' any time soon. Sue Hi Sue, as you say women are gaining authority and laws will be changed to protect women and children, so maybe the benefits of castration can be proved and put into practice sooner than ive imagined. And as Debbie says seeing the men paraded naked in the streets would be entertaining if not very funny. Seeing the balls of an animal is not that much different in seeing the balls of a man. In some cases with their tiny penises (less their balls) humilating for them.

But like you say, i've heard that removing testicles does make a male far more placid and i would like to think 'obedient'. Julia Don't you just hate it when a few very sick males take the roll of playing Females all the while there sitting in front of their computer, butt naked, jacking off to there on little pea brain beat!!! Linda Linda, castration on animals can be viewed in person very easily. office, castrations on dogs and cats are a everyday procedure. also perform castrations on horses and large animals on farms. To everyone else who thinks we are not females, but males drop your pants and I will show you what a female will do to your silly balls.

I know all men and some women would disagree with my thoughts on this, but in my opinion it would be a better world. Sue I am sure castration will become common place in years to come, especially as sperm counts fall and scientists pioneer somatic cell division allowing women to become pregnant using cells from any part of a mans body, or another womans for that matter!

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    Sunday 6 April 2008 MW closedown - CBA Moncton, the 50 k W station serving New Brunswick on 1070 k Hz, closes its MW channel at 0700 Atlantic time tomorrow morning ... There will be a special short duration "DX Test" at around 0100 Atlantic time, 0400 UTC which *should* be audible across the Atlantic.