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I'm so scared they're going to find something wrong...

Certain days I am able to put it out of my mind but today its started to creep back in again I read in the notes I got when my scan date came through that missed miscarriages happen to about 2% of people who go for their 12 week scan. I had no reason to think that I'd miscarried though.

I have had very light symptoms and I'm in the middle of 8/9 weeks, I have an ultrasound on Friday and will be freaking out up until the point I see the heartbeat. It definitely seemed like I was expecting it, and looking back my symptoms went away around the time baby passed away.

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Having said that I am preg again and Im terrified of it happening again so Im geting an early scan... Baby died sometime during the ninth week and we found out when I went in for a routine exam at 10 5.

but as I said i wouldnt worry too much about it - just enjoy the experience OMG okay after reading that now I'm completely freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was devastating, but my husband and doctor thought I had an intuition because I was sure there would be no hb.

It was heartbreaking and I'm so scared it'll happen again.