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Petersburg and Moscow, have been cancelled,' a spokesperson confirmed at the time.

He made his return to the stage for the NRJ Music Awards in November, looking the picture of health.

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Again, I'm knackered, hashtag "don't have the time". I'm painting quite the picture aren't I; sleeping in the foetal position and not shaving my legs.

I think he's just excited to run his hand up my leg!

The musician described how wife Ayda - turned around his life before he broke down over a video of his daughter singing a song he wrote about his children.'[Depression and anxiety] didn't exist when I was battling it - thankfully we're in brand new times now and it's talked about - it's not 'poopooed' any more.

I felt more and more isolated because I was told to just get on with it.'The musician admitted that he's still plagued by the insecurities that he battled during his time in Take That but he will always be open with his children about his personal struggles.'I didn't know what was going on, I didn't know there was something going on and something to say.'You don't know to label it as anxiety and depression and I went on the roller coaster ride of drugs and drink.'My hedonism was way too much for this planet and I wanted to stay here so I had to say something.'I went to rehab a couple of times and done a lot of therapy and me masking or meditating it led to a lot of bad things.

But after the performance, he was still dribbling and his arm remained numb so he was flown to London for emergency tests.'I had blood tests done, and I had various scans including ones of my heart and my brain, and there were some abnormalities found, including something on my brain that looked like blood,' Robbie recalled.