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Beautiful People, which was launched in the United States in 2005, has received notoriety for purging profiles which it deemed unfit for its “exclusive community.” In two different purges, the website has culled thousands of profiles because its users gained weight during Christmas season or were getting to old.

The breach began with an earlier problem on servers running Mongo DB, a software database company, in November 2015, according to Beautiful People.

Numerous other dating apps require your first name, so you're not left wondering how to address someone when you meet them in person.

And of course, creeps may be more willing to message you if they can hide behind an alias.

As the company explains, it doesn't want the real you to be "hidden beneath another layer of mystique" -- it figures that your profile should offer insight into your personality, not your handle.

To some extent, Ok Cupid is just joining the modern era.

Beautiful People’s breach pales next to the 37 million profiles leaked in the Ashley Madison hack, which recently saw 42 of its victims sue the company for damages.