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It also includes the unequally yoked categories of disease and sin.

Given its ambiguities, there is a growing sentiment that we need a different word” (, p.11).

The guilt can become an essential ingredient to the addiction.

There came a time in my life when feeling guilty was the only way I could feel normal.

Pornography, especially Internet pornography, keeps us coming back for more because it promises a veritably endless source of sexual novelty. Because it’s not about the climax; it’s about the search, the options, and each one is a novel sexual escapade.

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    Job-Speed-Datings finden häufig auch im Rahmen von Jobmessen (z. FIBO 2016, Karrieremesse) statt und bei Organisationen, die Personalsichtungen bei Hochschulen durchführen.

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    In a country with millions of black people, why wouldn’t some of the women like black men? In Brazil, I’ve met guys in the club who didn’t have any luck with the ladies and they decided to go to a whore house.

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    However, it’s not like having to stay on the site is a big inconvenience.