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She’s being silly, but she can handle this however she wants — and you can proceed with handling your own expenses normally.(And it sounds like you’re doing a good job of not letting her craze for cost control push you into things like sharing a room.) 3.(Incidentally, the training is very role-specific, so if she attends the training and goes back to her original position, she wouldn’t be able to use what she’s learned.

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However, Luke has spent a lot of political capital on getting the training approved, not to mention we’ve already put a non-refundable deposit on the training.

The other members of the team have already attended so there is no one else we can transfer Rey’s slot to if she tells Luke she doesn’t want to go.

I hope that it won’t, but it’s been an unsettling experience, and I wanted to make sure you’d have context for it if he does attempt to contact anyone here.” Also, is it possible to temporarily remove your name from your company’s website?

That won’t be possible in all jobs, but if it’s an option in yours, it may give you some peace of mind. I’m doing business travel with a coworker who doesn’t want to expense anything I recently accepted a secondment that can turn into a permanent role if I do well.

I have told Rey to talk to Luke and say she doesn’t want to go if she really wants the company to save on costs, but it has been a week and Rey has said nothing.