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The Onion has in the past extended into a (critically derided, even by its own AV Club) movie, and most recently two TV series — Onion Sportsdome on Comedy Central and Onion News Network on IFC. I gots my dope spreadsheets, my hangin' file folders, my delinquent-account file, my paper clips, my Post-It note dispenser, my monthly desk planner, my Midstate Office Supply business cards, my four-color ball-point pen, my motherfuckin' dot-matrix printer address labels, and my stoopid-fresh three-hole punch. I swear, if I see any of y'all within three feet of my computer, I'll put a Lee Van Cleef on your bitch ass. Smoove B: Lay your body down, and I will show you love. I will travel to the finest Asian nations to attain this silk. I will caress your body slowly and whisper in your ear while I do so.

There have also been two original Onion books - Our Dumb Century, a history of the 20th century told through fake Onion front pages, and Our Dumb World, a Hollywood Atlas filled with stereotypes and Dead Baby Comedy. I will tell you such things as, "You are the most beautiful woman in the world" and "Your skin is like the most expensive Swiss chocolate money can buy" and "Your eyes are like windows to paradise," and other romantic things that will make you tremble with desire. Following Monday's deadly terrorist attack on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, U. officials have had difficulty issuing a stern condemnation of the incident, saying that while any act of terrorism is inexcusable, they couldn't completely blame al-Qaeda for wanting to blow up what is essentially a giant, floating symbol of everything that is truly god-awful about America.

Like The Onion, it is notable for having had several of its articles mistaken as factual news sources. Bush accidentally voting for Barack Obama in the 2012 American presidential election, famed economist Paul Krugman filing for bankruptcy, and NASA’s Curiosity land rover having found evidence of the Ten Commandments on Mars.

( While it’s not as official-looking as The Onion or The Daily Currant, British-based comedy website The Spoof still has lots of funny parodic news stories.

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