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Here are some tips to avoid hurting your chances at more right swipes.

Monday 2 January 2017 is going to be THE busiest day of the year for the UK’s online dating industry with thousands of single people up and down the country logging on to their favourite dating sites and apps (and probably signing up to some brand spanking new ones) to take advantage of the New Year optimism that everyone feels at the beginning of the year.

The benefit to taking your photos outdoors is that you get some great, natural light which is actually more flattering than flash.

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Here are Hey Saturday we LOVE outdoor shots because they help capture you looking relaxed and natural as though one of your mates, who’s great with a camera, has captured you.

The one simple thing you can do that will make your dating profile photo jump off the page and stand out to all those online daters is to include some bright colour somewhere in the shot.

Online dating and dating apps were supposed to make dating easier for men and women, but in a lot of ways it almost seems like it's made things worse.

Sure, the swiping part is fun, but after that is where everything typically gets complicated. Messages can get misinterpreted, people can forget they were having a conversation because they get busy and before they know it, they're right back to swiping.

Men get 19% more attention if their photos are taken outside.