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Scene: Police were seen outside the Wololoomoolloo wharf apartments where Charlotte's body was said to be found.

Actor Russell Crowe and his children were seen making their way inside the building where the actor also lives, on Saturday afternoon Dawson spent hours defending herself, but signed off at 2.07am with the message: 'you win x', with a picture of a hand holding tablets.

The obvious injury being complained about at the time was lacerations to the scalp.” Mr Dawson was discharged back to Brundall Care Home on September 4 but was returned to A&E by 3.30pm, when the neck fracture was identified.

“Patients with a head injury, were serious problems have been excluded by a head CT scan, are discharged home when they have adult supervision,” said Mark Davies, chief executive of NNUH, in a response to Mr Dawson’s son, Ivan.

Kate Carnell, chief executive of Beyond Blue, a not-for-profit organisation promoting depression awareness, criticised Twitter for failing to sign up to an Australian government complaint-handling program designed to remove hateful material from social media sites.

Peter Dawson’s wife had passed away from Parkinson’s disease in March 2017, and he had been living at Brundall Care Home when he had a fall on September 3, hitting his head.

“Though his death could not have been prevented his final hours were not managed well.” In a complaint to NNUH, read to the court, Ivan Dawson said: “The way my father has been treated has made it even more painful for us.