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Overall, Malaysia was a pleasant stay, but I would not want to live there.

Too wealthy, and the women were too indifferent to me as a foreigner. Guangzhou similarly made me realise the USA was in trouble.

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yes malaysia dont allow muslim apostasy,once u are born in a muslim family u are forever a muslim like what i said before, if u want to change u got to run out of this country,this law is made by the corrupt we are free to practice our religions,be it christians hinduism buddhism,we are not forced to go into islam or be a muslim,only malays are the one that do not have apostasy.i am a chinese but im not a muslim when u say pork buns,it made me think of pork meat in buns,its sold all over malaysia in chinese stalls or restaurant,there is no non muslim check out line,and there are no signs that say non muslim check out line.thats racial segregation,we dont have that malays can touch pigs or pork,but cant eat thing is that muslims dont go to chinese restaurant to by haram i think u mean halal?

if malaysia is a muslim country then islam will be forced onto people,but they dont.

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What does article 3 of the Malaysian Federation's Constitution say? What is the legal position of proselytizing of Muslims in Malaysia? How many Malaysian states officially allows Muslim apostasy?