Lesson 2 4 tree ring dating

Tree-ring Dating (Grade 5 and up) Students use activity sheets and discussion to apply principles of dendrochronology, usually called tree-ring dating, to determine a tree’s age and to recognize climatic variation.

They will also learn how archaeologists can sometimes use tree rings to date archaeological evidence.

Adequate moisture and a long growing season result in a wide ring. Alternating poor and favorable conditions, such as mid summer droughts, can result in several rings forming in a given year.

It is a method of dating which uses the patterns of growth rings in trees.

In many types of wood, the time rings were formed can be dated to the exact calendar year.

Thus wood from ancient structures can be matched to known chronologies (a technique called cross-dating) and the age of the wood determined precisely.

Below are some links to other articles that may be helpful in your study of Christian Evidences.

In this article, we’ve included lessons that allow students to explore three examples of climate proxies: tree rings, fossils, and ice cores.

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