Lance armstong dating

The spotlight of scrutiny on Armstrong may be so bright it nearly drowns out all of those around him. Sports article by Dan Wetzel, the relationships surrounding the shamed cyclist have been just as scrutinized as the doping allegations.

While Armstrong continues to get hit with vitriol for how he treated past colleagues, his most important ally continues to be Hansen, his girlfriend and the mother of two of his five children.

In the continued weeks after the USADA investigation, Lance Armstrong himself resigned as chairman of the Livestrong cancer awareness charity he founded.

While he had three children at that time with former wife Kristin Richards, those pregnancies were aided with sperm donated before he underwent the harsh treatment.

Not only were Hansen and Armstrong able to enjoy the birth of one child, they managed to get pregnant yet again.

The world will be watching Armstrong for some long-awaited answers, and Hansen will continue to be by his side in support.

Blood doping is the misuse of certain methods or substances to increase red blood cell mass.

Because of his decision not to defend these claims, the USADA was then able to strip Armstrong of all athletic titles dating back to August of 1998, including his seven Tour de France victories, and imposed a lifetime ban on his participation in competitive sports. The USADA imposed these punishments based on what they deemed as “the most sophisticated doping program that the sport has ever seen”.