Kim ha neul kang ji hwan dating

I gave up at the 10th episode because it just started to get incredibly boring. Hope they are dating in real life ❤❤❤❤ i tried really really hard to watch this drama...

Although the plot would have been such a good story but the actors weren't .... Don't get me wrong I love NJH but in this drama he didn't fit into the role I guess I'm in love with this drama. after i watched this drama for 6x times, i still curious never get tired to watched this again and again. I started watching it when it first came out and gave up on episode 6.

Nevertheless there is still room for improvements for all the cast. The beginning of this drama is interesting but it became boring as the drama flow..

im a big fan of fantasy dramas but this drama srsly didnt suit my taste.

Gave this drama a try although Shin Se Kyung's acting was shit in When a Man Falls in Love, because i thought her acting might have improved over the years. Still the same stiff, boring, expressionless acting except now, she actually laughs!!!