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Many Siberian shaman perform their duties while dressed in a costume with antlers and beat a drum or shake a tambourines while in an ecstatic trance, regarded as reactualization of a time when people could communicate directly with the gods.

A drum is an essential tool for many Siberian shaman.

A Siberian shaman’s dance often has three phases: 1) an introduction; 2) a middle section; and 3) a climax in which the shaman goes into a trance or ecstatic state and wildy beats on his or her drum or tambourine.

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New bears are thought to emerge from the bones of dead bears.

Many Arctic people believe that each person has two souls: 1) a shadow soul that may leave the body during sleep or unconsciousess and take the form of a bee or a butterfly; and 2) a “breath” soul that provides life to humans and animals.

Prayers of reverence are always said for animals that have been killed.

Shaman have traditionally been important religious figures and healers among many Siberian peoples.

In a practical sense drums are used to generate hypnotic beats which help send shaman into a trance. In the old days shaman often performed hip-swinging dances and did imitations of animals when they worked.