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Professor Monica Whitty (University of Leicester) Professor Tom Buchanan (University of Westminster) Professor Bill Dutton (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) Professor Martin Gill (Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International) Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) uk Whitty, M.

The Psychology of the Online Dating Romance Scam Report.

Besides someone I know is happily married with a child thanks to online dating.

My guess is that as a "geek" you don't want a "geek" girl, i.e. What you want is a "geek" girl like the models on or those chicks who get paid to dress up as Vampirella at comic con.

The 1 or 2 guys that tried to contact me were fugly losers that I had 0 attraction to right off the bat. If you're a girl and not 300 pounds, you can have your pick of dozens of men who are far better than you in every aspect of life on online dating sites.