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We put our tuna spread out and it didn’t seem very long we had … We had a bunch of bites but didn’t come up with much. We set out this morning and 5 mins later a blue marlin pops out our left flat.

We ended up catching a yellowfin tuna, a blackfin tuna, and a dolphin. He disappears for a moment then shows up behind the shotgun. Continue reading Today was a drizzly overcast day with cooler temperatures.

Foodies have hundreds of restaurants to choose from; shopaholics can take their pick of boutique stores, and everyone else will love attractions such as parks, museums and theaters.

Many state founders tried to put their capital cities in the middle of their territory, but Indiana is one of the few states that actually has its capital almost in the true center of their land.

We didn’t find the dolphin ourselves we were just a few miles from them. We set right out on a tiny grassy edge early this morning. Continue reading Today was a great day back after having two days off.