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I had already been working as an adult since I was 12 years old. But I never like pictured my wedding dress and all that." "I don't have the judgment of tradition. It's something to be taken very seriously, and I was so happy to be married.If someone chooses to not live a traditional lifestyle, obviously I don't care whatsoever. It's not necessarily realistic all the time.""My parents are divorced, and my dad is recently remarried—at 71. Very happily, by the way, which is awesome for him. I think that I was in a very successful marriage for a long time. I mean, that's hard to say: 'no negative feelings.' But we got together based on love and we separated in a very loving way.That's because in a recent interview, Hilary hinted that she may have lost her virginity to her older boyfriend when she was still a minor! I think everyone should have something where you know it's not exactly what you're looking for but you just have a wicked good time. [ Related: Aaron Carter Ignites A Feud With Ex-Love Hilary Duff ] We'll never really know if Hilary waited until she was 18 to sleep with Joel, but either way, they both turned out pretty okay; Joel with his wife Nicole Richie and their kids Harlow and Sparrow, and Hilary with her killer bod and son Luca! Let us know if you're into this more candid Hil in the comments (below)!!!

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Sometime after the Aaron Carter-related tears had dried, Hilary Duff moved on with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden (she was 17, he 25).

After two and a half years together, they split — and Madden started dating reality TV star Nicole Richie that same month.

“I was totally obsessed with everything I put in my mouth. “I feel like there was way too much time spent thinking about that,” said Duff, who is 5 feet 2.

Also around that time, Duff was dating Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, eight years her senior, who went on to marry super-skinny TV personality Nicole Richie.

Then they’re like, ‘Hilary Debuts Her Post-Baby Body! It took me a whole 10 months to build a baby.” In the magazine, Duff also touched on her amicable relationship with Luca’s father, Mike Comrie, whom she separated from in January, saying the two are trying to figure out what makes them happy. Obviously it wasn’t a rash decision that we made,” divulged the “Younger” star.