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, an employee with a lifting restriction) and who was provided an accommodation that the pregnant employee sought. The notion that bloodtypes determined personalities died out after the war until the s, when it was brought back into vogue by some absolute nobody who everyone decided to listen to for some reason.

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“Nostalgia was like a disease, one that crept in and stole the colour from the world and the time you lived in. Dangerous people, when they wanted back what never was.” -- Steven Erikson, The Crippled God No.

Look, if you have some evidence that you are being denied jobs or promotions, paid lower wages, profiled by the police or any number of legitimate real-world harms that real discrimination entails, let's hear it.

Why do you have to judge us based on the way a girl looks? Feminism seeks to absolve women of the act of sexual objectification and retain women as the pure, righteous judges of a man’s character rather than base animal lust. It is true that women of girth are hampered from romantic pursuits.