Good conversation starters for dating

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Well I wasn't sure if this goes in the dating or flirting category, but anyway...

I'm using an online dating service to find a decent girl who's not slutty and stuff like that. Specific conversation starters for messaging crush? Good conversation starters with a guy you’ve never talked to? But They're Pretty Close The Perks of Dating a Single Woman I' M NOT A NICE GUY!

One of the most common mistakes guys make is standing or sitting down near the girl they want to start talking to and lingering around for many minutes, while staring at her and trying to come up with the guts to talk to her.

Every guy who has done that knows that the longer you wait, the more awkward and unnatural it would be for you to start a conversation with the girl.

When you're beginning a conversation with someone, you want it to come off as fluid and natural as if you were speaking in person.